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  • Special Civil and Geotechnical Structures

     Client: Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA)
     Location: SADRA Offshore and Shipbuilding Yards
     Project Start Date: 2010-2013 (Ongoing)
     Scope of Work: Design, Technical Supervision on Construction and Site Activities
     Brief Description:
    Two dry docks with 275 m length and 50 width have been designed and constructed in SADRA shipbuilding yards in Bushehr and Neka. Various types of coastal structures, quay walls and jetties including sheet pile quay walls, diaphragm walls, anchored quay walls, pile-deck wharfs, and soldier piles quay walls with around 2500 m in length have been design and constructed in the mentioned yards and now they are under operations. Outfitting harbor with 350 m length and 30 t/m capacity has been analyzed and designed for berthing very large vessels with around 120000 tons capacity (e.g., AFRAMAX vessels).

    It contains various parts of harbor including sheet-pile retaining walls, concrete deck, crane foundation, berthing structures, fenders and mooring facilities. Various types of lifelines such as utility canals for electricity, communication lines as well as water and wastewater canals have been designed for extended SADRA offshore and shipbuilding yards.

    Complex foundation systems such as heavy tower and gantry crane foundations, winch foundations, weighing foundations for jacket and topside weighing operation, fuel storage tanks foundations have been designed and constructed in SADRA yards located in Bushehr and Neka. In this regard, a particular and innovative pile-deck foundation system with displacement reducer piles has been proposed for 1000 tones gantry crane foundation which has been designed and constructed for the first time in Iran.

    Numerous steel and concrete structures with one to four stories for different purposes such as management and engineering offices, accommodation, masque, storage salons, workshops for cutting and painting have been designed and constructed in SADRA offshore and shipbuilding yards.

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