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  • RESHAADAT Oil Field Development

     Client: Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)/ Iran Marine Industrial Co. (SADRA)
     Location: The Reshadat Field, formerly called Rostam, is located in the Persian Gulf 110 Km south-west of Lavan Island
     Project Start Date: 2006
     Project Finish Date:
    2007 (30% Progress)
     Scope of Work: Detail Design
     Brief Description:
    The Reshadat Field will comprise one satellite wellhead platform (W0) and a central complex at R4 consisting of a drilling platform (D4-the exiting R4 drilling platform), a production platform (P4) a quarters platform (Q4) and a flare platform (F4).
    The exiting R3 platform (currently used as a flare platform for the R4 production) will be decommissioned. All wellhead fluids produced on W0 will be sent via a new subsea pipeline to the P4 production platform for processing.

    A test line will also be provided between W0 and P4 to allow wells on W0 to be tested in the test separator on P4.
    Injection water for W0 will be produced on P4 and sent to W0 via a new water injection line. Oil from production separators will be pumped to Lavan Island.
        • Production Platform P4 (6300 Ton)
        • Quarters Platform Q4 (2550 Ton)
        • Wellhead Platform W4 (1300 Ton)
        • Wellhead Platform W0 (1400 Ton)
        • Flare Platform F4 + Bridges (450 Ton)

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