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  • DMD Unit

     Client: Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)/ Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)
     Location: Kharg Petrochemical Complex
     Project Start Date: 11.March.2003
     Project Finish Date:
     Scope of Work: Detail design, Procurement Engineering
     Brief Description:
    The duty of plant is sic Desi Desulfurization of propane, Butane and Naphtha plus Caustic Regeneration section. The purpose of this unit is to eliminate H2S, light mercaptans COS and CS2 through prewash and extraction stage and heavy mercaptans by oxidation in a fixed bed Reactor with UVKO-2 catalyst.

    The caustic solution used in extraction stage is regenerated in a regeneration column in which Sodium mercaptide is oxidized by catalyst. For oxidation of heavy mercaptans and regeneration of caustic solution air and catalyst is applied.

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