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     Our services embrace the project management services as well as the engineering services to local and international client. Our service packages support all engineering and management services within the activities fields

      Project Management Consultancy

      Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study

      Basic and FEED Engineering

       Detail Design

       Procurement engineering

      Installation Engineering (Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up Assistance)
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    Project Management Consultancy

     Our project management professionals combine detailed technical knowledge of management disciplines such as contracts, risk management and cost estimating, with a broad awareness of industry and customer drivers. This breadth of expertise enables them to create integrated and effective management solutions whatever the project circumstances.

     Our project management package is subdivided into following parts:   
    •  Operation Management (time reduction, cost reduction, process improvement, capability and quality improvement, …)
    •  Performance Management (organization, functional and budgetary Performance, …)
    •  Project Management:
    • Project coordination
    • Work planning
    • Preparation of work packages
    • Preparing procedures
    • Tender documentation, evaluation and award
    Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study
     Investigation on feasibility of the potential project and study on economic viability of proposed business by analyzing following topics before starting of project:  
    • Project description (understanding demands, operating requirements, financial aspects
    • Assessing resources
    • Marketing timeline
    • Technical/ technological issues
    • Evaluations and conclusions (finding and recommendation)
    Basic and FEED Engineering
     This package includes of all engineering activities and works related to the engineering design revision and update such as   

    1. Basic engineering package-(BEP): defines the purpose, content and structure of the basic package or design specification, and its place in the project development process.

    2. Front End Engineering Design (FEED): studies for onshore & offshore field developments to include design premises, design philosophies, process flow diagrams, heat and mass balance, process description, equipment lists, general layouts, general specifications, main equipment data sheets, preliminary cost estimates, HAZOP/HAZID studies and risk analyses. FEED can be used as technical part for EPC Tenders.

    Detail Design

      This package includes of all engineering activities and works related to the detailed engineering such as:  
    a. Design premises
    b. Process simulations
    c. P&IDs to reflect final mechanical, safety, maintenance and control requirements
    d. Plot plans and drawings to incorporate chemical, piping, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation and construction requirements
    e. Construction requirements
    f. Equipment specifications
    g. Stress analysis (FE-Method)
    h. Hydraulic analysis (pressure loss & transient studies)
    i. Water hammer analysis
    j. Drawing,“ Approved For Construction “ status
    k. MTOs and Balms to solicit bids
    l. Operation & maintenance manuals
    procurement engineering
     This package includes of the management and co-ordination of all external interfaces associated with the project. These interfaces cover engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up activities. In addition our procurement team offers engineering services for local and international purchasing. PIRE CO.

    procurement objective is: “To procure the required materials, equipment, and services of specified quality, on schedule, and at competitive price.” Consideration is given to delivery performance reliability, spare parts supply, technical service, and safety.
    Installation Engineering (Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up Assistance)
     This package includes of all engineering activities and works related to the installation engineering of all stages of the project such as:  

    • Procedure for material control, construction, transportation and installation preparation and issue of detailed procedures, drawing, calculation notes, list of CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, list of personnel, planning and back-up procedures. 

    • Shop and installation drawings, including but not limited to the preparation and issue of shop drawing for the prefabrication, fabrication, erection, and installation work. 

    • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up Assistance PIRE CO. plant start-up team consists of the chief start-up engineering, process engineers, discipline specialists and construction engineers, these individuals supervise plant system testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.

    • PIRE CO. offers construction management as a part of our overall project management. Construction management services extend from initial preconstruction planning through construction, plant commissioning and start-up assistance.