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    In order to increase proficiency and skill of employees, the company holds internal training program by presenting seminars or meeting in related technical topics. In accordance with company’s policy PIRECO engineers are conversant with professional and specialized software such as PDMS, PVELITE, ASPEN, SACS, MOSES, ORCAFLEX, AUTOPIPE, OFFPIPE, OLGA, CARRIER,TRIBON and a variety of other commercially available and in-house developed programs.

    Location and Staff

    PIRECO office is located in a prime location of Tehran city. Our office is well laid out in an area of about 2500 sq meter equipped with most sophisticated and modern facilities to increase convenience and efficiency of employees at work. The company with more than 250 employees in Tehran can approximately support 500,000 man hours in house per year and the same with its SBU (Subsidiary Business Units).
    In addition, PIRECO through its wide network of freelance specialists and partners and also by exploiting from companies which are fully skilled in relating areas is able to increase the core expertise so this amount can be expanded at short notice.
    Staff Recruitment

    Throughout its history, PIRCO has emphasized the importance of its core staffs. The company chooses them after careful consideration on both academic and profession records. In this way, the company maintains a proportion of its engineering staff by recruiting new applicant each year. The candidate will be selected from a pool of applicants with priority of academic records and rank of university of graduation. The majority of PIRCO personnel are qualified to graduate or post-graduate level and many are Chartered Engineers

    Staff Qualification

    Following graphs and tables can significantly describe company’s staff in terms of their experience and academic degree. So far, about 70 percent of our employees have experienced more than 5 years practical contact with related professions and near 88 present of them possess of bachelor degree and master degree. The combination of education and experience in PIRECO’s young staff with company training strategy has kept this company in road of progress to achieve its goals.